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Paramount Prestart has created a bespoke Building Application designed to be affordable for every builder, no matter their size.


The Paramount Pre-Start app is designed to provide an easy way for trade personnel to check onto a building site, via a QR code. From there they can conduct a take 5, Safe work method statement (SWMS) and more.

This enables them to assess their working environment and its hazards and on top of this, it allows the opportunity to express any issues that arise throughout the working day.

Documents filled out on site filters back to the builders Admin desktop for review and storage. The live admin web portal allows you the builder to view all documents filled out by your subcontractors and employed personal on your sites and see live qualified attendance.

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Create your first project completely free for a 30 day trial.



per construction site. Free app download for trade personnel, SWMS and Checklist template, unlimited users per site.

Paramount Prestart has been designed to be affordable for every builder, no matter their size. Making Paramount Prestart work for your company is an easy process. We provide a quick and easy on-boarding process and ongoing support, to make sure that the app is working efficiently for everyone on your team who will use it.

*Cost includes printing and delivery of signs by Paramount Prestart. App available on the app store and google play.

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